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Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme

Tracy is the carer of her daughter, Kayleigh.

She moved to the Isle of Whithorn with her family in 1992, to run a B & B business. Kayleigh was born here and was diagnosed with a condition called Sanfilippo, just before her eighth birthday, in 2001.  This is a very rare inherited disease of metabolism.

Initially, Tracy received a little respite care from Crossroads, but this has increased over the years as Kayleigh’s symptoms have became more severe and demanding. When she left school, it was necessary to cover the hours that Kayleigh had spent there, and we now deliver 5-7 hours seven days a week, plus 3 nights, as Kayleigh is wakeful throughout. Two care attendants care for Kayleigh during the day as care is provided outwith the home, while one is on duty overnight as Tracy can be called upon to help if necessary.

The seven care attendants work a rota and take Kayleigh to a variety of activities each week. These include swimming, attendance at the ARC in Newton Stewart and visits to attractions in the area. Tracy believes that the stimulation provided adds quality to Kayleigh’s life and has helped to prolong it. Likewise, the need for a good walk each day is essential to keep Kayleigh mobile – as Tracy put it ‘if you don’t use it you’ll lose it’ – so she insists on this, and the care attendants ensure it happens. 
Tracy’s relationship with the care attendants and with the management team is very good.  She feels confident that her care attendants look after Kayleigh well and describes them as excellent.  They communicate well with Kayleigh and respond appropriately to her moods – trying to fit suitable activities to them.  Tracy also knows that if she needs to discuss anything with the management team, she just has to ring the office to speak to someone.

Tracy has never considered changing care provider.  Personalisation has given her more control over Kayleigh’s care, but she continues to employ Crossroads.  She feels that the care attendants know Kayleigh well and, in turn, Kayleigh likes being with them.  They seem to enjoy their work and in some ways have become part of the family.