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Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme

Respite Care  |  Personal Care  |  Palliative Care 
Meal Preparation  |  Medication Support  |  Transport  |  Light Cleaning & Shopping 

If you feel that you or a relative require any of these services please contact our office directly or contact Social Services through Dumfries and Galloway council. tel: 0303333300

Who we provide our services for:

  • Carers, to whom we offer respite by caring for their dependent.
  • People of all ages with caring needs, who live alone or with a carer, for whom we provide personal and domiciliary services.
  • We support people who have personal budgets / direct payments, are self- funding, and those whose care and support is arranged by statutory services.
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Respite Care

Care and support can be arranged in the service user’s home to allow the carer to have a well earned break. 

We offer a 24 hour flexible service to carers of all age groups. A trained care attendant will step in and take over the caring role for a specific period of time, as requested by the carer.  Many take advantage of the break to see friends, go shopping, go for a walk, or simply have a sleep.

A sleepover service is available 7 nights a week.  A care attendant will stay overnight with the service user, with or without the carer in the home. This can either be to deliver care to the service user when needed, or just to be there to provide peace of mind for either the service user and / or the carer / family.

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Personal Care

We offer an extensive service to people of all age groups requiring help with personal care tasks. This may include assistance with such activities as:-
    Washing, bathing or showering.
    Shaving, hair washing, oral hygiene.
    Help to go to the toilet including continence management, which may involve stoma or catheter care.
    Skin care.
Needs are discussed and assessed on an individual basis with either our manager or one of our assistant managers.

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Palliative Care

We offer a support service to service users and carers to enable individuals who have expressed a preference to die at home, to remain there if possible. Without the support of family and friends it would be impossible for many service users to remain at home but these carers in turn require physical and emotional support.

Respite care can be provided for the person/carer over a period of hours, days or nights to give the carer a break. This is provided in the home. Our trained care attendants take on the role of carer for a short period – allowing the main carer to relax, secure in the knowledge that the care needs of their loved one are being looked after.

We aim to give service users who are reaching the end of their life the best quality care to meet their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

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Meal Preparation

This can involve menu planning, taking dietary needs, physical competence and food likes/dislikes into consideration. If time permits, food may be prepared and cooked in the service user’s own kitchen, otherwise a previously prepared or ready meal which only requires cooking / heating in a microwave can be served.

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Medication Support

Our care attendants receive ongoing training in medication support, provided by the NHS or Care Training Consortium, which ensures that they are competent to provide the documented level of medication assistance to the service user on a day to day basis.
Our care attendants CANNOT offer any assistance with medication unless an assessment by the service user’s social worker has been carried out, the level of support required is clearly documented and a care plan is in place and accessible within the service user’s home. This will be monitored by a Crossroads manager.
As a responsible care provider we have appropriate policies in place for the safe handling, management and administration of medication.

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We can arrange for our care attendants to transport service users to doctor, hospital, chiropody, dental appointments etc. This service is also available for transport to community activities and social outings.

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Light Cleaning and Shopping

Service users’ requirements will be discussed with a Crossroads manager and can result in a care attendant collecting a shopping list and purchasing groceries etc. on behalf of the service user or, where appropriate, a care attendant can accompany the service user to shops to enable them to make their own personal choices.
Light household chores including vacuuming, bed changing, laundry and ironing can also be arranged via a private agreement.