Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I or my relative get help from you?
  • Contact our office to discuss your specific situation and needs. Our staff will guide you through the process.

  • Do I have to pay for this help?
  • This depends upon your needs, age and personal circumstances. Over 65 personal care is provided free of charge through Social Services. Other services may be accessed via Social Services, GP surgeries or can be purchased privately through us.

  • Who will decide what help I would receive?
  • If eligible, Social Services will assess your needs and set up a package of care. If you are looking at a private care service our manager will be pleased to discuss your needs. 

  • Can I ensure that my care attendants are ladies/men?
  • Yes, you could have a choice as we have both male and female care attendants.

  • Do my care attendants receive training?
  • Care attendants begin their employment with us by undergoing a very thorough induction programme.
    In addition, we ensure that they are trained in all aspects of the services we offer including specialist training to care for service users with specific needs. All training is regularly updated.

  • What age do you have to be to receive help?
  • We provide services for any age from infancy to elderly.

  • How can I be sure staff are trustworthy?
  • All our staff are PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) checked before beginning employment with us and this is updated every three years to comply with statutory legislation.

  • Can I be sure that my information is dealt with confidentially?
  • We take confidentiality very seriously. All our care attendants and management staff are required to adhere to our confidentiality policy and have to sign it before beginning to work for us.

  • I have a personal budget from Social Services. Can I come to Crossroads to use it to buy my care/respite?
  • Yes, contact our office to discuss your needs and budget with one of our managers.

  • Do I have an opportunity to discuss my care once the service is in place?
  • Yes, you have various opportunities to do this, including contacting management staff directly or via your care attendant. Regular 6 monthly reviews are carried out and you can request a review at any time. In addition, every year we carry out a survey when you have an opportunity of evaluating our service to you and give feedback and suggestions.

  • Can I get help outwith office hours?
  • Yes, we provide a 24-hour service throughout the week. This operates as an on-call system with details of who is on duty available by telephoning the office.


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