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Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme

Pauline is originally from Yorkshire. She married a Scot and they moved to Creetown in 1990 to be midway between their two families. 

Sadly her husband died in 2000 but she did not want to move back south as she felt at home in the community that she felt sure, would ‘keep an eye’ on her – and so it has proven.

As the years rolled on, Pauline had to go into hospital and on her return home she began receiving support from Crossroads. Originally this was for three visits per day but as she became more able to fend for herself, it was reduced to a morning and a bedtime visit which allow her to continue to live in her own home. 

The key purpose of the visits are to help with Pauline’s support stockings, without which she would be unable to live independently. The care attendants also help with other things which Pauline finds difficult, and are willing to turn their hands to anything she needs. She gets on well with them all, using words like ‘brilliant’ to describe the service they give

She cited instances when the care attendants have gone out of their way to help her, and praised the way the Crossroads care attendants who live in the village arranged to divide it up between them to ensure that everyone was visited and taken care of, when the recent heavy snow hit the area.

Pauline summed up her feelings about Crossroads by saying that she could not do without the service. She looks forward to the care attendants’ visits and enjoys their chat.