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Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme

Crossroads (Newton Stewart & Machars) Care Attendant Scheme celebrated the launch of their website on 20th September 2013 by inviting service users and staff as well as local MP, MSPs and other guests to a buffet lunch.

The 21 guests who attended included Mr Alex Ferguson MSP and a representative for Ms Aileen McLeod MSP, in addition to members of Community Councils, health and social work professionals and representatives from related charities. 17 Service Users and 22 staff and Board members also attended.

Dr. Meg Hopkins (Chairperson) welcomed everyone, outlined the Scheme’s history and introduced Mr Edwin Wilkinson, Director of Policy and Practice Development at Crossroads Caring (Scotland), and local retired GP, Dr John Macdonald who also said a few words.

Over lunch, the guests had the opportunity to find out more from those who benefit from the service and those who deliver it.

The Board are pleased that Mr Russell Brown MP, and Ms Aileen McLeod MSP who were unable to attend due to prior engagements, intend visiting the Scheme to learn more about its work.