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Service User Survey 2019

The number of surveys returned this year was exactly the same as last year (55), which itself was down on 2017’s total of 65. Overall satisfaction with the service remains high, with 97% of respondents being either very satisfied (75%) or fairly satisfied (22%). (Last years figures were 98%, 82% and 16% respectively.)

Comments were once again overwhelmingly positive, with only a handful of negative comments, mainly concerned with communication with the office, in particular service users not being kept informed by the office of changes to care attendants, timing of visits or care packages. There were also suggestions that increased training might be beneficial for care attendants looking after service users with dementia and autism.

Service Users Survey – 2019 (PDF)

Dr Meg Hopkins M.B.E.

After many years of service Meg has decided it is time to resign as chairperson of Crossroads, however we are delighted to welcome Meg as a regular board member. On behalf of the entire board past and present we express the organisations profound gratitude to Meg for her leadership, inspiration hard work and for the great times we have had working together.

Meg, you are a truly remarkable lady who since 1985 has dedicated a major part of your life to leading, developing, promoting and sustaining crossroads. You have lead us through many changes at all levels during these years from development of contracts with the council, care inspectorate, dealing with head office, tendering and triple SC. You have travelled many miles to attend meetings in the region and further afield where your capable personality made sure that crossroads interests were always to the fore. You always put crossroads first and nothing was ever too much bother when something or someone required attention. Over and above your regular board duties you were always willing to help in any area such as CroQuas, Policy checking, and subgroups where your contribution has been invaluable.

With a grateful heart, I on behalf of us all say thank you Meg for being an inspirational colleague and friend.

Jennifer Brodie

Coffee Afternoon September 2019

This, our last coffee afternoon of 2019,was held on 19 September at the Autumn Club premises in Kirkcowan. A good attended by service users, friends, family, support workers and Board members made this a very successful event. The delicious food provided by the board members was much appreciated. Thank you.

Unfortunately due to a mix up in dates the school children were unable to attend. We hope that we will be able to invite them to a coffee afternoon next year.


I am well into my 3rd year with Crossroads. Prior to working with Crossroads I was employed at a visitor centre in the area which closed. Having worked in the caring profession in my very early years and not quite ready for retirement, a very good friend recommended Crossroads who were recruiting at the time.

Feeling a bit apprehensive I entered the Crossroads office and was soon put at ease with a very warm welcome. It was such a good feeling that being of a mature age I was still considered employable!

The office were very quick and efficient in organising the necessary documents and training required.

I am absolutely thoroughly enjoying the challenge of the job, there are highs and lows and lots more laughter than tears I’m pleased to say. All very rewarding. A slight downside would be the fight against the clock a lot of the time.

All the office personnel are very approachable and are a solid life-line giving re-assurance and knowing that help is only a phone call away, especially out of hours.

I have met lovely service users and colleagues. Endeavouring to do my best at each and every visit, I hope I am a good ambassador in representing the service that Crossroads provides.


I first started with Crossroads in 2014 (October). I knew very little about what was involved in being a care attendant.

I came from a hospitality background which I had done for 15 years. Moving to Crossroads was a complete career change for me, so I thought. I was extremely nervous when I first started but my mind was soon put at ease by the staff in the office. All my training was organised and paid for which gave me the tools I needed to carry out my role as a care attendant.

I soon realised that some of the skills I had picked up in the hospitality trade were going to be key. The biggest I found was the ability to communicate on all levels. Gaining the trust and respect of the service users for me was crucial, also communicating with the office was important. Once I had mastered that I found my job got easier and the nerves began to disappear.

Now nearly five years on I can truly say I have enjoyed every minute of my time with Crossroads and have no desire to move on.

Crossroads is a very good company to work for. All training is provided, the pay is great and the people are even better, right down to the other staff, office, service users and their families.


Growing up I never imagined I would end up as a carer. My Granny was a nurse and my Mum. Listening to their stories daily made me realise the importance of helping people and what impact it can have.

After leaving school I went into admin work which I enjoyed but something was missing. I decided to have a career change. I worked with a couple of care companies before I came to Crossroads.

The difference in the management and daily running of the office is second to none. The support I have received since starting has been amazing, they make you feel like you matter as a member of staff. Training that has been provided is amazing and very regular. I finally can say I love my job especially because every day is a different challenge and knowing that you can make such a difference to someone’s day is so rewarding.

I am one of the new additions to the Crossroads Care team. I started with Crossroads a couple of months ago after moving in with my boyfriend within the local area.


I used to work in a restaurant when I lived down in Dumfries.

Working with Crossroads has taught me a lot of valuable things, particularly ensuring the safety of others, always having to think things through in a linear pattern to ensure the best outcome of results are delivered. Patience is a key factor to what I have adjusted to since starting as a young carer, it means ensuring you are taking your time when supporting a vulnerable adult. Learning how to behave and act in an appropriate manner as a carer for someone else. Learning to maintain great values and respect when working with someone else, your role is to help look after another individual as well as delivering great care you also have to respect that person and their dignity.

I’ve learned that a job role like this is second nature to me, I love working with other people, I love the feeling that when you finish for the night you have helped impact on someone’s day positively and it’s always great working alongside a supportive team. The Manager and the office team are always available to talk to whenever you need help or a problem sorted. They are all very approachable and are understanding that it is hard sometimes to get everything right. With the correct training that they ensure you receive and being able to communicate well with them I think makes for a better work place and has really helped me as someone who came from a background with no experience in care to build up the confidence, the positive work attitude and the understanding I have today.

Getting employed by Crossroads has been so far the best road for me to take as my journey continues as a young adult looking for a place within society.


I came to Crossroads after working at Burrowhead holiday village, I was looking for a fresh start. I have now worked with Crossroads for two years and I was made more than welcome by the office staff and care attendants that I work with. I started with a few hours in Newton Stewart and have now worked my way up to my rota.

The service users are all nice and make you feel very welcome in their homes, you build up a bond with them and they learn to trust you.

I have had full training for everything (first aid, meds etc). The staff in the office are all nice and are all there to help with any problems. We have staff meetings for any problems.

We are all one big happy family.

The first Coffee Afternoon of 2019 was held in the Creebridge hotel, Newton Stewart, on May 16th. The weather was kind and there was a very good turnout of Service Users and Careers. We were able to show the DVD “Bonnie Galloway” produced by Wigtownshire U3A. This was much enjoyed and we all joined in, happily pointing out places we knew. Thanks to Myra and to the Creebridge staff, for organizing the event and making it so successful.