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Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme

Corona Virus Update November 2020

Our “soup kitchen” was stood down after Lockdown ended and we are now fully equipped with PPE.

The Board would like to thank all our staff for their willingness to take on extra work  and  their dedication to their service users during this very difficult time which has made it possible for Crossroads to function as nearly normally as possible.

In recognition of our staff’s hard work the board have decided to pay all staff a special “Corona Virus” bonus this Christmas.

April 2020 Corona virus

We are constantly in touch with the staff and are making regular contact with service users to make sure everyone has what they need in these difficult times.

To help our service users we have started a food run two days a week, across all the areas we cover for those who have no families to help out. On average we are delivering to 30 people. This has proven to be very successful and what was a “soup” kitchen has extended to shepherd’s pie. pancakes, buns, etc., for example one week we delivered stewed sausage on Monday with enough for another portion and then soup on Thursday, again giving every isolated service user enough for a couple of days.

This initiative has been praised by our new Care Inspection Officer who has also awarded us grades 5 in our most recent inspection.

We have been astounded and gratified by the way the community have rallied around us at this time. People have donated tubs for our soup run and others have created face masks.

Douglas-Ewart High School have used their tech department to make face visors from acrylic headpieces and laminate which have been approved by the NHS, and we have taken delivery of 100 of these.

We at Crossroads have always valued the work that our support workers do and hope that this emergency will make the work they do in the community better recognised and more highly valued by society in general.

Crossroads Staff Survey 2019

The annual staff survey once again produced a slightly disappointing return of only 20 completed questionnaires (about 33% of those sent out). However, those which were returned indicate a high degree of job satisfaction, and also satisfaction with Crossroads as an employer. Care staff felt valued within their work and were confident that any concerns raised with management staff were taken seriously and where appropriate dealt with swiftly.

There were a number of highly complimentary comments about the office staff, indicating how much the care staff appreciate all their hard work and dedication in keeping Crossroads running smoothly.

A number of suggestions were made about possible areas for improvement. Broadly speaking the commonest topics covered were: the CM2000 system(!), staffing and timetabling issues, staff meetings, zero hours contracts, uniforms/protective wear, maintenance of training and standards, and remuneration issues. These will all be considered and discussed by the Board.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete and return their survey forms.

Service User Survey 2019

The number of surveys returned this year was exactly the same as last year (55), which itself was down on 2017’s total of 65. Overall satisfaction with the service remains high, with 97% of respondents being either very satisfied (75%) or fairly satisfied (22%). (Last years figures were 98%, 82% and 16% respectively.)

Comments were once again overwhelmingly positive, with only a handful of negative comments, mainly concerned with communication with the office, in particular service users not being kept informed by the office of changes to care attendants, timing of visits or care packages. There were also suggestions that increased training might be beneficial for care attendants looking after service users with dementia and autism.

Service Users Survey – 2019 (PDF)