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Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme

Crossroads (Newton Stewart and Machars) Care Attendant Scheme, founded in 1985, is a charity with a voluntary local Board of Directors and is affiliated to Crossroads (Scotland), which is based in Glasgow.

Our Board comprises , Ms Myra Watson (Chairperson), Mrs Anne Gorman (Vice Chair), Dr Anne Snell.(Company Secretary), Mrs Dawn Revie (Treasurer) Dr Meg Hopkins M.B.E Mrs Rose Christie,  Mrs Sandra McDowall , and Mr Richard Draper.

We have a team of care attendants based throughout our area, supported by:

General Manager : Mrs Carol Black

Mrs Wendy McCreadie (Care Co-ordinator)

Emma Jones and Laura Tate (Senior Support Workers)

We provide respite and domiciliary support for people who find it difficult to live in their own homes without help.  We operate a 24 hour, 7 day per week service throughout the year including all holidays.

We are committed to treating carers and people with care needs with respect and sensitivity, recognising the dignity and value of each person for whom the service provides.

We maintain confidentiality at all times.

We support carers and people with care needs in exercising self determination, making choices and maintaining their independence.

We involve and consult carers and people with care needs about the support to be provided by us.

We are committed to responding to the diversity of needs presented, by developing appropriate quality services.  These will be flexible to meet the needs of each carer and person with care needs.

Our funding comes from different sources: local authority, (with whom we have a contract to provide domiciliary and respite care), personalisation and self-directed support and private agreements